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NABL accredited
Stanes Phyto-Pharma Testing Lab

Stanes Phyto-Pharma Testing Lab offers analytical and contract research services as well as need-based testing and protocol development to meet the requirements of food, herbal, biochemical, biotechnological, microbiological, clinical and pharmaceutical sectors. Over the past decade, there has been an increase in the number of botanicals and natural products going to the market.

To cater to this enhanced volume, our focus is to serve as a one-stop shop by providing total chemical and bacteriological evaluation of raw materials and finished products. Quality control and conformity with regulatory standards is assured. Our lab is well equipped with necessary contemporary instruments and highly qualified and experienced technical personnel and scientists. We follow methods of analysis recommended by AOAC, BIS, AYUSH and PFA. We are also accredited by NABL with ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005 certificate recognized the world over for quality compliance.


We offer options for Project study to cover periods of THREE months as well as ONE month (MINI PROJECT) in various areas of biological science, such as, plant biology, botany, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, microbial technology etc., on topics related to their respective subject specialization. These projects will be supervised by qualified team leaders for the proper conduct of studies, and involve collection of literature, wet lab analysis, documentation and compilation of results in a thesis. A simulating experience beckons you to integrate your theoretical knowledge with hand-on experimentation using sophisticated instruments and modern techniques under the able guidance of competent scientific personnel.
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At the Phyto-Pharma Testing Lab, we train students in the principles and techniques of operation of various instruments. The strong grounding provided on the principles behind each instrument helps the student acquire a good foundation, a prerequisite for any research venture. The Instrumentation training programme stimulates students to find new ways to apply the ingenuity that derives from their curiosity to create opportunities for better utilization of instruments for systematic research needed to understand various scientific tenets.Contact us to know when the next batch starts !



A well organized testing system is practiced at the Phyto-Pharma Testing Lab, bearing in mind the criticality and sensitivity of the various tests. Utmost care and diligence is ensured while carrying out the tests and reports are issued paying attention to maintain integrity and confidentiality. Our SOPs are meticulously prepared and each Study Plan is scrupulously designed and executed to optimize cross-lab synergies. The Phyto-Pharma Testing Lab continues to invest in developing world class testing capabilities and also to develop new testing methods for the benefit of our clients. Stanes Phyto-Pharma Testing Lab tests herbal raw materials and finished products for quality control of primary and secondary constituents, minerals and metals, in addition to confirmation of marker compounds. We also analyze food products, water, tea, coffee, etc., for microbial safety, quality and performance against various health, safety and regulatory standards. Do you have any sample for Testing ?



The research personnel at Stanes Phyto-Pharma Testing Lab have extensive knowledge and expertise in developing and validating methods for raw materials, finished products and cleaning validation. With a diverse skill base and endowed with advanced research capabilities for drug discovery coupled with a stimulating environment of continuous knowledge creation, we can undertake research to study the merit of herbal extracts and drugs in terms of quality, safety and bioefficacy. Our experienced team of scientists and technologists adopt well standardized procedures conforming to global benchmark for quality and integrity, in the identification of problems, positioning and solving strategies.
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Development of new products involves high level of innovation to stimulate new robust formulations. Phyto-Pharma Testing Lab is committed to improving lives through the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative medicines. Our research and development activities leverage the Phyto-Pharma Testing Lab's expertise in physiology and pharmacology to develop potential nutraceuticals to treat hyperglycemia, hypercholesterolemia, arthritis, pain, compromised immunity, impaired digestion, etc. We strive to bring out products of high quality which are cost competitive.

In the manufacture of Value-added Teas, we have the expertise and wherewithal to come up with innovative products based on the specialized needs of our customers in terms of taste and variety for the Flavored Tea, Iced Tea and Herbal Infusions categories. Please feel free to contact us for your specific needs !

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