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Herbal and Ayurveda products
In India, plant derived products have been in use since long, as traditional Ayurvedic medicine and home remedies for a wide range of health related applications and common ailments. Remedies are unique, potent, drawn from plants that work, by gradual boosting of the natural energy of the body without any risk of side effects. Prolonged use of herbal remedies helps the patients by increasing the immunity levels in the body, a property not usually seen in modern drugs. In many chronic diseases like arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure and carcinomas, treatment with herbs along with modern drugs improves the survival rate with better recovery

Kold kare,Ayurveda product,Cold,Nasal block R-tho Flex,Ayurveda product, relief from Pain Vaprogel,Ayurveda product, relief from Headache
Instant Relief from Nasal Block
and Cold
R - tho Flex
Fast relief from pain
Fast relief from headache
R-tho oil,Ayurveda product, relief from joint Pain Flavolax Granules,Ayurveda product, Laxative Herbokesh Hair Oil,ayurvedic product, Controls hair fall
R - tho Oil
Very effective for Joint Pain
Muscle Pull Muscular cramps Sciatica Spondylitis Arthritic pain Low back ache Sprains &
Sports injuries.
Fibre enriched laxative
Controls hair fall and promotes growth.
de cholesterate,ayurvedic product, Lipid lowering Psoril Oil,ayurvedic product, allergic skin disorders Dyabet 20,ayurvedic product,regulate blood sugar
Lipid lowering tablets
Psoriasis & allergic skin disorders
Tablets to regulate blood sugar levels
FLAVOLAX PLUS Tablet Natural laxative to prevent constipation.
SUSHWAS Herbal cough syrup
DERMOTONE  Tablet & Syrup Blood purifier & for allergic skin disorders
KALAMEGHA Tablet & Syrup Liver disorders and blood purifier
MADHUWIN  Tablet & Syrup To manage Diabetes
VANITHA PLEX   Syrup For Gynecological disorders
ARTHOCARE Anti-arthritic tablets

Also available - Traditional formulations :

Oils - Kottamchukkadi, Mahanarayana, Dhanwantaram, Pinda tailam

Powders - Talisadi, Triphala, Trikatu, Aswagandhadi, Hinguvastaka churnam

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